This Valentine's Day Show Some Small Town Love!

The day of love is drawing near and for many small town businesses this is typically a day when they are overwhelmed with purchases, representing tokens of admiration and appreciation from their special someone. Everyone from the dog to your grandparents get this one day a year for you to show them your love.

We all know that is not accurate, but, I do know the odd guy or gal who will use this as an excuse to avoid the trip to the florist. How many of you have heard this? " I show you I love you everyday, I don't need to spend $150 on flowers once a year to confirm it." To that I say or, do you?

With a lockdown all around us I think maybe this year we should all jump on the Valentine's day bandwagon, but in a different way...

Our small town is the hub of our families. It is where we buy groceries, grab Tylenol when our children are sick, take our children for ice-cream. It is where many children spend their first $5 bill and learn to make change. It is a Saturday afternoon spent browsing the local shops and indulging in some retail therapy. It is your go to for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Baby gifts.

Wait, or is it?

If we didn't have the local shops in our small town imagine the experiences and memories that would be lost. Imagine only having big box stores to turn to. Imagine the impact that loss would have on local families, on the town we live in and the people around it.

That is why we created We Shop Local because, we want those experiences and memories to continue for our children and generations to follow.

This valentines day I encourage you to make our small town your "go to". Buy the flowers, grab the dog a special treat, have the kids make some valentines for folks who are alone.  Put some thought and effort into making it an extra special day for anyone struggling during this time.  Feel the love by supporting and giving to others and show our small town some love, by shopping local. 

We Shop Local currently supports over 30 businesses in our town by bringing them online to provide you with a safe, convenient and local shopping experience all in one place, with one check out. If you need help finding something, give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to help you support local.